Hobart Economy Autos gets you into a quality used car at the right price. And the right price for you is not full retail. It’s wholesale.

Of course, you are smart enough to want to save money. You are also smart enough to know that doesn’t mean cheap. Cheap cars can end up costing you more. And you want reliability, not breakdowns and expensive mechanical repairs. At Hobart Economy Autos we don’t offer cheap cars, we offer economy cars. Quality at the right price.

Brett Cooper, Hobart Economy Autos

When you contact Hobart Economy Autos you deal with Brett Cooper, who has more than 15 years’ experience in the Hobart motor trade.

Tasmanian born and bred, Brett Cooper has lived all his life in Hobart and is known and trusted. Brett has a name and reputation that has been hard-won and it’s a reputation that he wants to build on. Brett Cooper will take care of you and he will get you the right vehicle, at the right price.

Economy vehicles from Hobart Economy Autos mean not just budget 4-cylinder fuel-efficient compact cars. Quality cars from Hobart Economy Autos include large and small, near-new and well-loved, but at the wholesale price – real value for money.

How can Hobart Economy Autos offer quality motor vehicles to the public at wholesale prices?

Simple. We have virtually no overheads.

Unlike most motor dealers, who have to pay high rents and city rates, Hobart Economy Autos has only a nominal ongoing cost for a shared warehouse facility in a central location.

You reap the benefit – our low overhead, and low margins on high turnover, mean you get a top quality car at an unbeatable price.

Contact Hobart Economy Autos today.

We will arrange for you to view, and test drive, the vehicle that best suit your needs.

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Don’t pay retail. Get it wholesale, at Hobart Economy Autos.

Our guarantee

The vehicle you buy through Hobart Economy Autos is backed by a full warranty. We can also arrange an independent mechanical inspection, if you are looking for added peace of mind.